Dan Johnston has been a commercial producer for over 25 years.  He earned is Bachelor of Arts from Millikin University in Decatur Illinois in 1989 and went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Illinois in 1996.

Dan has been a licensed agent in the state of Indiana since 1996 and currently holds non residence licenses in many other states.  He has over a decade of experience working with loss sensitive and high deductible programs in such industries as manufacturing, contracting and wholesale. Since 2004 Dan has been on the Advisory Counsel for Affiliated FM, a global provider of property insurance and a subsidiary of Factory Mutual Global who is the largest provider of property insurance in the world.

Some of his accomplishments include being a seven time member of Gregory & Appel’s prestigious Legendary Producers Club and an Insurance Achievement Award for outstanding insurance production by SAFECO Property and Casualty Companies in 1999.  Dan has spent a good portion of his career helping clients reduce claims and be in compliance with stare and federal law.  He has designed and implemented programs that focus on such things as lock out tag out, right to know, blood born pathogens, fork truck training and fall protection.  He has also designed programs that help supervisors identify potential hazards in the work place that could ultimately lead to a loss.

I have enjoyed insuring businesses for over 25 years. It has been rewarding to watch them grown and succeed over the years.
— Dan Johnston